Skora Tempo

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Sneak Peek: Skora Tempo No review yet, but some #shoeporn to get everyone excited about Skora’s newest offering, the Tempo! They are beautiful shoes and are going to be a great addition to my rotation. Skora really treats their customer base and ambassadors well, I’m extremely happy to be representing them this year (and hopefully beyond)! Also, hot off the … Read More

Speedy Pursuits

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Making every mile count When I was a kid, I hated running. I mean, I would run, I loved playing soccer and other team sports but I disliked running with a passion. When I played soccer I only wanted to play 2 positions, either goal keeper or on the front line (wing). Some coaches saw my passion (and skill) for … Read More

Texas Marathon – 2015 Edition

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2015 Texas Marathon Where the only thing larger than the medals is the hospitality Five days after completing 58 miles at the Houston Running Festival, I found myself for the 5th time toeing the line at the Texas Marathon on New Year’s Day (first year I did the half, but the full ever since). Great people, great swag and a … Read More

2014 Houston Running Fest 12-hr

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Going a bit Loopy for the Final Race of 2014 After the soul-searching run at Cajun Coyote, I decided to add another race to my schedule. For the third year, a race has been put on in Houston over the final weekend of the year. Yen Nguyen named it the Houston Running Festival and truly has a distance for everyone! … Read More

Angels and Demons

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2014 Cajun Coyote 100km Race Report – Angels and Demons I went into Cajun Coyote 100km this year with a demon hanging over myself. I hadn’t put in the training to run long, heck, I only had one training run that lasted 4 hours in the 6 months leading up to the race. My demons were making themselves known from … Read More

2014 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

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Indianapolis Monumental Marathon: BQ or Bust in the Crossroads of America Indianapolis, “Circle City”, “Crossroads of America”, “The Racing Capital of the World”, it goes by many names. I call it my ancestral homestead. Generations upon generations of my family lived in Indiana and Northwest Ohio, since the early 1800’s (my Dad has the detailed genealogy, which I need to dig up … Read More


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Sometimes we all just need a breather… I started this post in late May 2014 after just being frankly beat up and tired in life. The confluence of a number of personal issues resulted in this and I finally decided to complete this post just before Christmas. I hope you find the timing appropriate to step back and breathe a … Read More

Umstead 100M Race Report – S@#t Happens…

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Warning – this is going to be a long race report, so grab a coffee and jump on into my adventure! TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version at bottom of post. It is a rare occasion when everything goes as planned in a race, especially one as long as 100 miles, Umstead was no different. This is it, the “A” … Read More

Altra Olympus Review

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The web has been abuzz about Altra’s new trail shoe model, the Olympus, since they were officially released in late January. Pre-orders flew off the virtual shelves and I unfortunately missed the window to order mine for field testing at Rocky Raccoon 100M in early February. There is no argument that they on the surface look like a slick alternative … Read More

Rocky Raccoon 2014 – Losing and Finding Myself

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Dragons… I’ve spoken of them before, they come in all shapes and forms. Some are ferocious and mean, others are relatively tame and yet others seem ferocious at first before you get to know them (a la Shrek). I’ve faced all of these dragons before while running, many times all types of dragons in a single run. They all have … Read More