Umstead 100M Race Report – S@#t Happens…

Warning – this is going to be a long race report, so grab a coffee and jump on into my adventure! TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version at bottom of post. It is a rare occasion when everything goes as planned in a race, especially one as long as 100 miles, Umstead was no different. This is it, the “A” … Read More

StefUmstead 100M Race Report – S@#t Happens…

Altra Olympus Review

The web has been abuzz about Altra’s new trail shoe model, the Olympus, since they were officially released in late January. Pre-orders flew off the virtual shelves and I unfortunately missed the window to order mine for field testing at Rocky Raccoon 100M in early February. There is no argument that they on the surface look like a slick alternative … Read More

StefAltra Olympus Review

Rocky Raccoon 2014 – Losing and Finding Myself

Dragons… I’ve spoken of them before, they come in all shapes and forms. Some are ferocious and mean, others are relatively tame and yet others seem ferocious at first before you get to know them (a la Shrek). I’ve faced all of these dragons before while running, many times all types of dragons in a single run. They all have … Read More

StefRocky Raccoon 2014 – Losing and Finding Myself

Tweaks, Twerks and Other Quirks

I thought I was done with Rocky Raccoon 100M prep-work, but clearly I’m not. Here come’s the time when doubts are rushing through my head wondering what the heck I got myself into! @endurojunkie @TexasDevin stop that, y’all are going to redefine epicness! — Tony Constanzo (@Tony4810) January 30, 2014   The “Tweaks” of Tapering: Tapering can create nasty little … Read More

StefTweaks, Twerks and Other Quirks

Rocky Raccoon Race Preview

As Houston melts from the “icepocalypse”, I am mentally preparing myself for a warm, wet and humid race at Rocky Raccoon this weekend. The ultracommunity is abuzz with talk about what this year’s USATF 100M National Championship field will bring. I promise you one thing, no predictions! Predictions on what will happen on a 100M race is a crap-shoot. A … Read More

StefRocky Raccoon Race Preview

2014 Houston Marathon+ Recap

I must admit, I have a love-hate relationship with road running. The moment I ran my first trail race in 2011, I knew that the trails were special to me. They took me back to the days when I was a young child at YMCA Camp Shand running for hours on end “playing games” (I actually was exploring, not caring … Read More

Stef2014 Houston Marathon+ Recap

Houston Marathon Week Musings

  I tried to collect my thoughts with this week’s upcoming Houston Marathon, which I’ll be running for the 4th consecutive year. This year is different in a couple of ways 1) it will be Endurospouse’s 1st full marathon (yay!) and 2) I’ve become stupid enough to tackle it as a double marathon (more on that next week).  I failed, so … Read More

StefHouston Marathon Week Musings

The “Irrationality” of New Year Resolutions

Now that the buzz surrounding the New Year celebrations are over, it’s time to refocus and center on what the future will bring. The past is just that, past. It’s cliche, but true. I’ve been reading/studying a fascinating book, Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland. Sutherland was a psychology professor from the University of Sussex in the UK and spent his career … Read More

StefThe “Irrationality” of New Year Resolutions

The Importance(?) and Impact of Fear

I write this after a week of my news feed on Facebook and other social media outlets being flooded by the Houston athletic community in an outcry. There were a rash of incidents, including the rape of a woman, at a local Houston Park that I and many others frequent. This rash of robberies and unfortunate rape, got me thinking … Read More

StefThe Importance(?) and Impact of Fear

Solo Night Run

In late December, I had a long 7-hour trail run on my schedule for Saturday and the weather looked like it was threatening. Not in a “scattered showers” kind of way, but more like a “high threat of severe thunderstorms” kind of way. What would you do? Option 1) Bitch and moan and do whatever you can get in before … Read More

StefSolo Night Run